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  1. create first version of RecordConverter and relatet related JUnit-tests (detail)
  2. fix some logic problems (detail)
  3. create RecordConverter and JUnit-tests (detail)
  4. fix JUnit-tests (detail)
  5. RecordConverter, JUnit: fix style and syntax (detail)
  6. Junit: fix style (detail)
  7. RecordConverter, JUnit: fix style and syntax (detail)
  8. MonitoringRecordLoggerFilter: create (detail)
  9. fix JDoc (detail)
  10. fix JUnit-Tests (detail)
  12. split the AnomalyDetectionFilter: to an AnomalyDetectionFilter and NoAnomalyDetectionFilter (detail)
  13. fiex: AnomalyDetectionFilterTests and NoAnomalyDetectionFilterTests (detail)
  14. fix comments (detail)
  15. fix comments (detail)
  16. fiex: comments, tests and getter (detail)
  17. added assertion for monitoringController (detail)
  18. unknown changes (detail)
  19. fix AnomalyDetectionFilter and tests (detail)
  20. rename: NoAnomalyDetectionFilter -> StorableDetectionResultExtender and fix tests (detail)
  21. fix tests and names (detail)
  22. set version to SNAPSHOT (detail)
  23. updated to newest version of StageTester (detail)
  24. renamed methods (detail)
  25. updated to newer Version of StageTester (detail)
  26. added some kieker stages (detail)
  27. moved some classes to this project (detail)
  28. added failOnError to javadoc plugin (detail)
  29. removed pipe-factories (detail)
  30. updated to new api (detail)
  31. migrated to teetime 2.0 (detail)
  32. removed unnecessary file (detail)
  33. added AbstractRecordFileReader (detail)
  34. adapted new API (detail)
  35. removed bugs (detail)
  36. updated link (detail)
  37. adopted API changes (detail)
  38. updated to new API (detail)
  39. v2.0 (detail)

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