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  1. initial commit, added DC + QS stages (detail)
  2. 29.06.2015 * added instantiation solution (temporary ^ not final) to DC (detail)
  3. began to write test still two errors / incompatibilities with the (detail)
  4. wrote testing environment. * new random int generator stage * new stage (detail)
  5. added DynamicConfigurationContext (detail)
  6. moved sendSignal into the DynamicConfigurationContext (detail)
  7. added javadoc (detail)
  8. getting up to date on branch (detail)
  9. update (detail)
  10. changed qs stage to array and rewrote algorithm rewrote both tests (detail)
  11. rewrote both stages and adapted arrays (detail)
  12. test (detail)
  13. minor changes and code cleanup (detail)
  14. done: implemented concept (detail)
  15. fixed null pointer exeption on every dc stage initialization (detail)
  16. wrote a test. (detail)
  17. minor refactoring (detail)
  18. added method getInstanceCount() (detail)
  19. fixed test for QS Stage (detail)
  20. changed return type of divide() to Pair<P,P> in order to maintain (detail)
  21. [EXPERIMENTAL] added (detail)
  22. worked on TODOs, FIXMEs (detail)
  23. removed sending signals twice (detail)
  24. minor refactorings (detail)
  25. made QuicksortProblem immutable (detail)
  26. minor refactorings (detail)
  27. reduced visibility (detail)
  28. fixed bug in Stage (detail)
  29. minor refactorings (detail)
  30. reverted DynamicConfigurationContext (detail)
  31. no message (detail)
  32. Merge branch 'DCParadigm' of (detail)
  33. fixed test and pipe (detail)
  34. added @After (detail)
  35. mostly pmd fixes (detail)
  36. added signal sending (detail)
  37. removed wrong javadoc (detail)
  38. replaced generic Pair by DividedDCProblem (detail)
  39. refactored test (detail)
  40. reduced visibility (detail)
  41. added signal handling to dc pipe (detail)
  42. changed return types to boolean for: (detail)
  43. removed the termination strategy override (detail)
  44. first version of two-step-termination for dc stage (detail)
  45. correct stage termination accomplished, test not working 100% (detail)
  46. added counter for termination (detail)
  47. rewrote test (detail)
  48. some refactoring some concurrency fixing some termination strategy (detail)
  49. mostly reduced visibility (detail)
  50. refactoring (detail)
  51. refactoring (detail)
  52. updated javadoc for some classes (detail)
  53. fixed some code (detail)
  54. added stage for testing (detail)
  55. added single stage version (draft) (detail)
  56. split dc into single stages (detail)
  57. DivideAndConquerStageFactory and refactoring (detail)
  58. added ENUM as preparation for parallelism style (detail)
  59. version increment (detail)
  60. removed deprecated pages and modified badge (detail)
  61. modded changes (detail)
  62. updated dependencies (detail)
  63. updated versions (detail)
  64. new site plugin provokes errors (detail)
  65. some of dat PMD and removed deprecated classes (detail)
  66. removed Sys.outs (detail)
  67. javadoc fixes (detail)
  68. minor refactor (detail)
  69. changed line endings (detail)
  70. fixes #270 renamed method (detail)
  71. gitlab ci added (detail)
  72. delete .gitlab-ci.yml (detail)
  73. switched images of distributor and merger (detail)
  74. updated dependencies (detail)
  75. site plug-in still not working as it should (detail)
  76. refactored some filter (detail)
  77. refactored Counter (detail)
  78. added javadoc (detail)
  79. closes #281 (detail)
  80. moved thread creation (detail)
  81. fixed bug in StageTester; changed InitialProducer (detail)
  82. refactored MD5Stage (detail)
  83. fixed "super not called" in ByteArrayFileWriter (detail)
  84. closes #279 (detail)
  85. fixed illegal javadoc (detail)
  86. fixes #286 (detail)
  87. fixes #288 (detail)
  88. readded nomaven page (detail)
  89. refactored some tests (detail)
  90. added test executeConfigOnlyOnce (detail)
  91. fixes issue with page (detail)
  92. hyperlink fix (detail)
  93. updated url to gitlab and removed image preview in downloads (detail)
  94. added ConfigurationTest (detail)
  95. improved javadoc (detail)
  96. closes #287 (detail)
  97. improved javadoc (detail)
  98. improved javadoc (detail)
  99. migrated first loop test (detail)
  100. removed a comment (detail)
  101. closes #290 (detail)
  102. refactored Delay (detail)
  103. removed SCBundleTakeStrategy due to imcomplete and unused (detail)
  104. fixes #291 (detail)
  105. fixes #289 (detail)
  106. fixes #269 (detail)
  107. reactivated checkstyle with minimum of checks (detail)
  108. removed cachefile (detail)
  109. fixed issue in the test framework (detail)
  110. added cookie disclaimer (detail)
  111. moved disclaimer to the bottom (detail)
  112. disclaimer was not shown on every page (detail)
  113. another try (detail)
  114. script is now added on every page (detail)
  115. script insertions got overwritten, needs multiple entries (detail)
  116. modded test and options of cookie disclaimer (detail)
  117. fixes #292 (detail)
  118. added a warning to the InitialElementProducer (detail)
  119. closes 302 (detail)
  120. integrated Adrian Pegler's performance logging (deactivated so far) (detail)
  121. removed author tag Adrian Pegler (detail)
  122. added maven-jxr-plugin to resolve issue "...locate Source XRef..." (detail)
  123. removed .checkstyle provided a template file for .checkstyle since the (detail)
  124. made .checkstyle project-relative (detail)
  125. start stage to start stages (detail)
  126. fixed incrementation of the runnable counter (detail)
  127. added StaticTaskFarmStage (detail)
  128. added MultiStageDistributor and MultiStageMerger as preparation for the (detail)
  129. lastState is set now (detail)
  130. added missing header; fixed pmd issues (detail)
  131. updated plugin version; refactored ZipByteArray (detail)
  132. updated headers (detail)
  133. refactored tests for the divide and conquer stage (detail)
  134. fixed DivideAndConquerStage (detail)
  135. refactored DivideAndConquerStage (detail)
  136. replaced threshold in the DivideAndConquerStage; made QuicksortProblem (detail)
  137. refactored performance measuring (detail)
  138. merged Adrian's performance counter (detail)
  139. made two methods private (detail)
  140. refactored WordCounterTest (detail)
  141. added StaticTaskFarmStageTest; changed Eclipse settings (import static) (detail)
  142. worked on impl+test of the DynamicTaskFarmStage; added StateStatistics; (detail)
  143. removed TaskFarmController; added test to StaticTaskFarmStageTest; (detail)
  144. renamed enclosedInstances to workerStages; fixed original tests by ccw (detail)
  145. added a TODO to QuicksortSolution (detail)
  146. fixed Traverser; fixed IntraStageCollector; added (detail)
  147. fixed non-constant @value expression in javadoc (detail)
  148. initial version for ConfigBuilder (detail)
  149. temporary fix of JRE 8 things (detail)
  150. fixed bug in PCBlockingQueue (detail)
  151. updated dependencies (detail)
  152. fixes #311 Switch to Java 1.8 (detail)
  153. updated Eclipse files for Java 1.8 (detail)
  154. refactoring of ConfigurationBuilder (detail)
  155. added from() method to Configuration (detail)
  156. minor refactoring (detail)
  157. migrated package (detail)
  158. migrated stage.string package (detail)
  159. migrated stage.taskfarm package (detail)
  160. migrated stage package (detail)
  161. migrated DivideAndConquerSolveStage (detail)
  162. removed hard coded pipe capacities (detail)
  163. fixed broken link in README (detail)
  164. updated CipherTest to configuration builder (detail)
  165. let DivideAndConquerStage implement ITransformation (detail)
  166. added quicksort tests for configuration builder (detail)
  167. added tests for tokenizer which use the configuration builder (detail)
  168. minor refactorings (detail)
  169. added configuration builder tests (detail)
  170. added Getting Startet in README (detail)
  171. missing word (detail)
  172. let ITaskFarmDuplicable implement ITransformation (detail)
  173. added toString method to CountingMap (detail)
  174. added ListWordCounterTest (detail)
  175. removed no longer required examples (detail)
  176. added short JavaDoc for ConfigurationBuilder (detail)
  177. added info header (detail)
  178. added WatchTerminationThread (detail)
  179. fixed bug in CcwTaskFarmStageTestConfiguration; fixed (detail)
  180. fixed bug in DynamicMergerTest by ignoring (detail)
  181. fixed D&C bugs with TERM signal (detail)
  182. fixed terminateStage() by consumer stages (detail)
  183. refactored TerminationTest (detail)
  184. introduced static AbstractPipe.close(..) (detail)
  185. fixed #315 (detail)
  186. added comments; reduced debugging overhead (detail)
  187. removed obsolete classes (detail)
  188. added PipeElementInsertionStrategy (detail)
  189. removed ObservableSpScArrayQueue (detail)
  190. fixed .project merge mistake (detail)
  191. fixed pmd issues (detail)
  192. closes #306 - Replace registerCustomPipe() by an overloaded (detail)
  193. improved ConfigurationTest (detail)
  194. improved ConfigurationTest (detail)
  195. refactoring (detail)
  196. added task queue scheduling with syntax errors (detail)
  197. closes #318 (detail)
  198. added PipeScheduler; fixed img links from the website (detail)
  199. fixes #320 (detail)
  200. fixes #310 (detail)
  201. fixes #304 (detail)
  202. fixed javadoc (detail)
  203. fixed javadoc (detail)
  204. activated checkstyle (detail)
  205. increased t/o (detail)
  206. added dazzle for testing purposes (detail)
  207. added @Deprecated (detail)
  208. Update (detail)
  209. Update site.xml (detail)
  210. added test for GlobalTaskQueueScheduling (detail)
  211. worked on scheduling approach (detail)
  212. Update (detail)
  213. ignored currently failing test; readded wiki as submodule to fix (detail)
  214. updated monitoring experiment with kieker (detail)
  215. increased t/o for tests (detail)
  216. implemented first working test with the global task queue scheduling (detail)
  217. recognized and fixed a scheduling bug (detail)
  218. removed dependency on the binding/implementation of a slf4j logger (detail)
  219. a first fix for (detail)
  220. first fix for (detail)
  221. prepared for removing infinite producers (fixed failing tests by (detail)
  222. added level-based task queue (detail)
  223. added scheduling of stateless stages (detail)
  224. added PipelineTest.shouldExecutePipelineCorrectlyManyElements() (detail)
  225. ignored one test (detail)
  226. removed stateless NoopFilter from test (detail)
  227. fixes #334 (detail)
  228. added TerminationCondition for producers which were formerly infinite (detail)
  229. removed ClockTerminationConfigTest as it is already handled by (detail)
  230. prepare for future object (detail)
  231. added test ignore message (detail)
  232. executeNonBlocking returns a future now (detail)
  233. add stage information to the exception (detail)
  234. set one failing test to ignore (detail)
  235. Execution now implements Future<Void>; test passes (detail)
  236. removed future from execution and moved it to a static inner class (detail)
  237. fixed PMD issue (detail)
  238. fixes #336 (detail)
  239. added ignored test for reflexive pipe with global task pool scheduling (detail)
  240. fixed DynamicDistributorTest; prepared the removal of the (detail)
  241. prepared WordCounterTest with two different schedulers (detail)
  242. first failing WordCounterTestWithGlobalTaskPool (detail)
  243. renamed package to globaltaskpool (detail)
  244. identified bug: all threads sleep due to a full task pool level (detail)
  245. fixed state changes by introducing a BreadthFirstTraverser (detail)
  246. worked on GlobalTaskPoolScheduling (detail)
  247. added CountDownAndUpLatch; still not working (detail)
  248. different CountDownAndUpLatch impl; added more debug code (detail)
  249. changed front stages from List to Set (detail)
  250. refactored tests; many tests which use the global task pool scheduling (detail)
  251. fixed TraverserTest (detail)
  252. renamed config and corresponding test (detail)
  253. added Ramp; added ParallelCounterConfig; removed is begin executed when (detail)
  254. set strategies to preserve order (detail)
  255. added ParallelCounterConfigTest; fixed bug in (detail)
  256. tried to fix scheduling bug for arbitrary merger strategies (detail)
  257. renamed merger strategies (detail)
  258. added scheduling descriptions and scenarios (detail)
  259. added TODOs and an additional question (detail)
  260. fixed bug concerning isBeingExecuted(); removed and disabled some log (detail)
  261. closes #346 (detail)
  262. set failOnError=false for maven's javadoc plugin (detail)
  263. added test for github issue (RoundRobbinStrategy Divide By Zero on Last (detail)
  264. added PrioritizedTaskPoolTest (detail)
  265. added more tests to PrioritizedTaskPoolTest (detail)
  266. refactoring (detail)
  267. fixed checkstyle issues (detail)
  268. added descriptions for the used concepts (detail)
  269. added notes (detail)
  270. improved javadoc (detail)
  271. added notes for global scheduling (detail)
  272. fixed PipelineTest (detail)
  273. 354: added first integrations tests for global task pool scheduling (detail)
  274. tried to fix a concurrency bug (detail)
  275. removed whiles, but we have still parallel executions of the same filter (detail)
  276. introduced StageState.isAfter and StageState.isBefore (detail)
  277. added log marker; ThreeStagesGlobalTaskPoolConfigIT works for (detail)
  278. fixed old path for maven pmd plugin (detail)
  279. updated maven plugins (detail)
  280. ThreeStagesGlobalTaskPoolConfigIT works now (detail)
  281. added IteratorProducer (detail)
  282. all tests for global task pool work (detail)
  283. added ThreeStagesPushPullIT (detail)
  284. fixed rare bug concerning backup threads (detail)
  285. set pool's capacity; found no better implementations for (detail)
  286. identified bug, but don't know how to solve it yet (detail)
  287. I think I have fixed the bug (removed if) (detail)
  288. closes #344; removed return type from IPipe.add(Object) (detail)
  289. closes #280 #210; Replaced UnboundedMpMcSynchedPipe by a bounded version (detail)
  290. added wiki again (detail)
  291. minor adaptations in BoundedMpMcSynchedPipe (detail)
  292. closes #352 (detail)
  293. updated wiki (detail)
  294. removed deprecated method with "as of 2.1" (detail)
  295. removed compiler warnings/hints (detail)
  296. updated javadoc (detail)
  297. minor refactoring (detail)
  298. added test with 8 threads; set the number of backup threads to (detail)
  299. added comment (detail)
  300. updated dependencies (detail)
  301. replaced SignalingCounter by CountDownAndUpLatch (detail)
  302. removed wiki submodule. Instead, check it out as separate git project. (detail)
  303. renaming steps for GlobalTaskPoolScheduling (detail)
  304. updated dependencies (detail)
  305. fixed javadoc (detail)
  306. improved javadoc for InputPort (detail)
  307. improved javadoc for IPipe (detail)
  308. added StageTestResult (detail)
  309. upgraded maven checkstyle version to 3.0.0 (detail)
  310. updated checkstyle lib version to 8.7 (detail)
  311. updated license header; maven-pmd-plugin now downloads and uses our (detail)
  312. Update (detail)
  313. Update (detail)
  314. added quicksort composite stage (detail)
  315. fixed checkstyle issues (detail)
  316. added cobertura dependency; updated headers (detail)
  317. updated scope of cobertura (detail)
  318. removed cobertura (detail)
  319. added StageTesterTest for producers (detail)
  320. added InvalidTestCaseSetupException; changed onStarting() from public to (detail)
  321. changed onTerminating() from public to protected (detail)
  322. changed Cache.onTerminating() from public to protected (detail)
  323. #361: the test framework now prevents to call "test(stage).start()" (detail)
  324. #362: testing sinks works (detail)
  325. updated CounterTest (detail)
  326. added test with multiple output ports (detail)
  327. closes #359 (detail)
  328. #359: added producesNothing() (detail)
  329. made CompositeProducerStage ready to be tested by our stage testing (detail)
  330. added hamcrest to compile dependency (detail)
  331. refactored pom.xml (detail)
  332. reduced some visibilities (detail)
  333. fixed javadoc issues (detail)
  334. disabled warning: Repository 'codehaus-snapshots' will be blacklisted. (detail)
  335. renamed TeeTimeService to TeeTimeScheduler (detail)
  336. added system property "performance.logging.enabled" (detail)
  337. refactoring (detail)
  338. added a producer which declares a field outputPort (detail)
  339. added comment to field hiding test (detail)
  340. updated dazzle, updated headers (detail)
  341. added teetime-3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar for dazzle (detail)
  342. updated dazzle (detail)
  343. removed "SNAPSHOT" from pom.xml (detail)

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