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  1. #49 [Close dialogs with escape button] (detail)
  2. #50 [Jump from calls to traces should not use a recursive algorithm] / (detail)
  3. #52 [Use wildcards for classpath] (detail)
  4. Ignored some files (detail)
  5. #53 [Various performance improvements] (detail)
  6. Minor GUI improvements (detail)
  7. Minor GUI improvements (detail)
  8. Initial commit of the new version (detail)
  9. Added a first GUI test (detail)
  10. Tests for the monitoring import and minor bug fixes (detail)
  11. Added the CSV export (detail)
  12. Added the about dialog (detail)
  13. Added Eclipse configuration (detail)
  14. Added resource filtering (detail)
  15. Removed GUI tests for the moment (detail)
  16. Added a UI configurable monitoring (detail)
  17. Added a UI configurable monitoring (detail)
  18. Bugfix in the monitoring (detail)
  19. Added some tests (detail)
  20. Fixed some (potential) bugs (detail)
  21. Refined the monitoring; Added the memory usage to the statistics view (detail)
  22. Named the threads (detail)
  23. Refactoring of the dependencies (detail)
  24. Refactoring of the dependencies (detail)
  25. Added comments and JavaDoc; Removed unnecessary code (detail)
  26. Added comments and JavaDoc; Refactoring of the cache interceptor (detail)
  27. Dependency (detail)
  28. User Manual (detail)
  29. Changelog (detail)
  30. Version (detail)
  31. Bugfixes and RC1 (detail)
  32. Added some tests; Added some comments and JavaDoc; Added log4j2 (detail)
  33. Made the import more robust for corrupted monitoring logs (detail)
  34. Fixed a bug in the time filter (detail)
  35. Added JavaDoc (detail)
  36. Corrected dependency (detail)
  37. Added JavaDoc (detail)
  38. Added JavaDoc and comments (detail)
  39. RC2 (detail)

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